Our mission is simple: we exist to give people an opportunity to become fully engaged followers of Christ. Everything we do to fulfill that mission is possible thanks to the dedication of the Rivers Crossing family. Whether we’re creating environments for people to encounter the Holy Spirit, inviting men and women to step into the extraordinary life, or helping the next generation fall in love with Jesus, it’s all thanks to your generosity. Thousands of ordinary people, coming together to sacrifice their time and money to make the Gospel message known…this is what it’s all about.

New journeys

1,511 people decided to follow Jesus in 2023.
8,221 people have decided to follow Jesus since Rivers Crossing launched in 2007.
383 people were baptized in 2023.
2,780 people have been baptized since 2007.

Lives impacted

You invested 102,292 hours to serve the Kingdom.
1,180 adults experienced life in community by participating in groups. 47% of you were in multiple groups!
571 people stepped into generosity for the first time.
57 people graduated from the Discipleship School.
On average, 329 people sought freedom through Celebrate Recovery every Friday.

People reached

1,758 walked through our doors for the very first time.
On average, 3,251 people gathered to worship together each Sunday.
On average, 1,885 people attended Rivers Crossing Online each Sunday.
1,552 students and kids were active in RC Kids and RC Students.
Across all of our social media accounts, we reached 1,237,298 people through Instagram and 483,566 people through Facebook.
We ended 2023 with 7,668 Instagram followers and 10,566 Facebook followers.
Rivers Crossing Worship’s songs were streamed 272,758 times by 92,057 unique listeners for a total of 21,600 hours.

For Cincy and the world

We invested $360,000 into local missions.
Joshua’s Place served over 3,000 people this year.
48 people served globally in Guatemala and Ghana.
Our church planting partner, Pastor Shorty, has started 7 churches in Guatemala to date.
We invested $661,000 into planting new churches.
To date, 7,851 people have decided to follow Jesus through one of our church plants.

Our Financial Summary