Church Planting

Why We
Plant Churches

Without church planting, Rivers Crossing wouldn’t be here.

Ever since we were just getting started, we’ve been passionate about evangelism.

As carriers of the most important message in history, we are constantly trying new, creative strategies to share the good news of Jesus in an ever-changing culture. But at the end of the day, church planting is the most effective strategy that we have.

New churches provide space for people to gather, build connections and find support–especially people who may not otherwise give church a chance. Church plants are the best way to reach new people, impact the next generation, and bring fresh ideas to the Kingdom as a whole.

The Gospel + New Churches = Extraordinary Impact

What started as a mission to plant 10 churches in 10 years has grown into the Extraordinary
Church Collective, a church planting network focused on planting new churches and equipping
pastors by providing resources, mentorship, and encouragement.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and we are committed to continue His mission. The
collective is faithful to preaching the gospel and equipping people to reach the lost. We
celebrate nothing more than when one person crosses over from death to life.

Nothing has the potential to transform a community like a church committed to the gospel.

Church Planting Partners

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Explore ways to volunteer and serve our church, our city, and our world.