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30-Day Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Word isn’t just a way for you to gather information. It’s also a way for you to experience Jesus’ transformation.

Nurture your daily Bible-reading habit with this 30-day reading plan.

Rivers Crossing Journal

Grow in your daily discipline of prayer and Bible reading.

Pick up a physical Rivers Crossing Journal on one of our campuses, or download the three PDFs below to print out at home.

Here’s how to use your Journal.

1. Pray

Using the Prayer List in your Rivers Crossing Journal, write down the people, situations, and plans you’re praying for. Enter the date you began praying and the date God answers it. Then, keep praying until God answers.

2. Read

This 2-year Bible reading plan gets you into God’s Word every day… so you grow in hope, faith, obedience, and joy. Use this 2-year plan to learn about God and pray through the Word.

3. Reflect

How can you get the most out of your time in God’s Word? Simply follow these practical steps:

  1. Open the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.
  2. Read the passage with an open heart.
  3. Use the Daily Pages in your Rivers Crossing Journal to jot down anything that stands out as something God wants you to apply in your life. 
  4. Write out the specific steps you can take to apply the lesson.
  5. Pray over how you’ll take action, asking the Holy Spirit to help you live out the Word.

Prayer Made Simple

You don’t need to be a spiritual superstar to pray. Simply think of it as an everyday conversation between you and God. 

There’s no one way to pray, but many people find it helpful to have a structure to follow. 

Try using this P.R.A.Y. template to help guide your conversations with God.


Praise is esteeming God for who He is, what He can do, and what He’s done. Thank Him for how He’s working in, through, and around you.


Repenting involves recognizing your shortcomings and turning away from them. Don’t be afraid to bring them before God (He won’t be surprised by them!) and admit how your actions fall short of His standards.


God loves it when you ask Him for something. He’s like any father: He wants His children (that’s you!) to come to Him with their needs and requests.


Yield. Prayer isn’t only about asking God for what you want. It’s also putting yourself in a position to desire what He wants. That involves yielding to His plan and His purpose above all else.

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