Moving out of Rows and into Circles

The pursuit of an extraordinary life found in Jesus Christ was never meant to be done alone.

Community Groups consist of 10-14 people who meet regularly to share their lives, study the Bible and support one another. Most groups study questions and scripture connected to the week’s sermon and pray together. Whether you’re single, raising a young family, or parenting teens, we have a group for you.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, groups will provide a loving community as you become a fully engaged follower of Christ.

Community Groups launch in the Fall, Winter and Spring. The Winter Quarter begins on January 30th and runs for 7 weeks. Find a group below!


Providing women with the opportunity to become fully engaged followers of Christ. The best way to grow in your faith is by connecting with other believers!


Ordinary men seeking extraordinary lives. Wherever you are spiritually, you can build authentic relationships and connect with God in Men’s Groups.

Still have questions? Contact Matt Jewell, Director of Groups