Do Life Together

The pursuit of an extraordinary life found in Jesus Christ was never meant to be done alone.

Groups for Every Stage of Life

Whether you’re single or raising a young family… parenting teens or in a completely different season of life, there’s a group for you. Connect with 10–14 others to share your lives, study the Bible, and pray for and support each other.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you’ll find a loving community just right for you.

Community Groups Frequently asked questions

Community Groups meet for 8-12 week quarters in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Before each quarter, you can sign up for a group online, at our weekend services, or by contacting our staff. While most groups launch at the start of these quarters, you can join a group at any time.

Community Groups are arranged by stage of life as we believe this is where the most natural connections are made. Keep in mind, you may fit into more than one life stage, so take a look at all the groups that may apply to you. We also offer groups with mixed life stages.

Community Groups are “sermon-based,” meaning they study questions and Bible passages based on the weekend message. It’s your chance to discuss how the sermon works in real life. Discussion guides written by our staff are provided to group leaders and members.


We leave it up to each group to work out their own childcare. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or rotate group members who watch younger kids. Other groups use a format where they gather one week as a men’s group, the next week as a women’s group, and the third week as families. Groups that offer childcare will list this in their profile.

Find a Group with Childcare

New leaders and hosts meet with the Groups Director and go through a new leader training course. You can submit your interest using the form linked below:

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Women's Groups

Women’s Bible Study meets three times a year to equip women to go deeper in their relationship with God and dig into Scripture.

Women’s Bible Study Times & Locations

Wednesdays | 9:30–11:30am
Childcare available

Tuesdays | 7–9pm
No childcare available

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Beauty from Ashes

An 11-Week Bible Study and Support Groups

For women who’ve experienced sexual abuse, Restoration offer survivors a safe place to heal, be restored, and find freedom.

Join hundreds of women from Rivers Crossing who’ve experienced God’s healing from abuse.

The Restoration experience is not a replacement for professional therapy—but rather a supportive place to heal from the shame, guilt, bitterness, anger, anxiety, and poor self-esteem that many women experience after after sexual abuse.

Register for an upcoming study, ask a question, or contact a leader below.

Men's Groups

Connect with a community of ordinary men seeking extraordinary lives.

Men’s Huddles

Discover a safe place where you can build authentic relationships and connect with God.

In your Huddle, you’ll gather with other men to explore two key questions—“What is God teaching me?” and “What am I doing about it?”

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, your Huddle will be a supportive community to help you become a more fully engaged follower of Jesus.

Huddles meet weekly or bi-weekly.

EVERYMAN Challenge

Start an adventure with purpose. 

Over 6 months, you’ll join a Braid, a group that supports you as you engage in daily personal action, weekly check-ins, and six big group adventures.

Everyman Challenge will challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually as you awaken to truth and forge deep bonds in true brotherhood.

Your Commitment

You’ll meet with your Brothers 1–2 hours a week for discussions and 2–3 hours once a month. Be sure to carve out time for your personal challenges each month.

Your Investment

The only cost to joining Everyman Challenge is the purchase of your Welcome Box, which includes the cost of registration.

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Let us help you get connected! We’d be happy to help you find just the right group or even start a brand new one.