We’re all on a unique journey toward self-discovery, but we often forget to look at the world through different perspectives. This series will change the way that you see yourself and others as we unpack the nine personality types of the Enneagram. Come to be equipped to grow in your relationships and discover who God has shaped you to be.


Although you may take on characteristics of multiple types, you can only have one main Enneagram type throughout your life. Some Enneagram tests will suggest multiple types to you. In this case, we encourage you to take time to read the description of the top two or three suggested types to find out which you most resonate with.

“Everyone is a blend of their main Type and the two Types adjacent to it. You use both types to some degree, and each number brings a unique “flavor” to your personality. However, the Type we gravitate to most is called our “Wing.” You may hear people say they’re a Type 9 with an 8 wing. Knowing which type your wing is can help you understand your whole personality.” -Beth McCord

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“Each Type is connected to the two other Types by two lines. Our personality can move across these lines to shift in perspective and experience a new way of looking at the world (to some degree). We stay our main Type but can access the healthy, average and unhealthy attributes of those two Types. This helps us know when we’re in line or out of line with the truth of the Gospel.” -Beth McCord

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