On December 17th, we’ll come together for the Christmas Offering. Every penny that you give to the Christmas Offering will go toward our local missions and church planting. Your generosity will plant new churches, support Joshua’s Place, our ministry that works to break the cycle of generational poverty in our community, and provide hope and healing to women across Cincinnati through the Eve Center.

We’ve sent $3,039,053 outside our walls through the christmas offering
You’ve provided 1,181,000 meals to families in five local school districts
Through our church plants, 6,280 people have made a decision to follow Jesus
thanks to your generosity, 485 kids have become stronger readers
Last Christmas, you gave $75,000 to the Shine Like Sable Foundation
this year, 10% of your Offering will be given to the Eve Center

Let’s send the story of Jesus into the world

We challenge you to match your Christmas spending dollar-for dollar in the Christmas Offering. This might mean spending less, or giving more relational gifts. Regardless of the amount you give, we expect everyone who calls Rivers Crossing home to participate at some level. Jesus said it himself– it is more blessed to give than to receive. We honor him by spending less on ourselves, so that we can invest more in others.

All of this is possible because of you, and we are just getting started. This Christmas, instead of putting all of our focus under the tree, let’s come together and send the story of Jesus into the world.
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