Our mission is simple. We exist to give people an opportunity to be fully engaged followers of Christ. No matter where you are on your journey, we desire to see you move towards the extraordinary life that God has planned for you.


Our vision is that we will be a community of ordinary people seeking extraordinary lives. No spiritual superstars, no one who has arrived, just ordinary, common people seeing their lives impacted as we learn what it means to follow Jesus.


We strive to be a church of fully engaged followers of Jesus Christ that focuses on the essential truths of the scriptures by preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God. We will passionately pursue both grace and truth while being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The good news of Jesus’ message is profound and challenging, but not complicated. 
We will focus our time, energy and resources on targeted ministries (our weekend services, missions, children’s ministries, student ministries, and community groups) to maximize our impact locally and globally.

Saying yes to Jesus is not the end but the beginning of a lifelong journey of discipleship.  We will embrace people wherever they are on their spiritual journey, pointing them to Jesus as the source of an extraordinary life and calling them to commit their lives to following Him.

A missional community reflects God’s heart to go to the least, last, and lost people of their community and the world. We are committed to reproducing missional churches through church planting and supporting church planters.

Jesus said that the world would know his followers by the love they had for each other. We are a community learning how to love each other and those who are seeking a relationship with God.

Worship is much more than “group singing,” it is a lifestyle of expressing our love to God through our actions, lifestyle and work. We believe that when fully engaged followers of Jesus gather for corporate worship their creative expressions of love towards God are experienced through art, film, music, design, Christ-centered preaching and more.