When Healing Doesn’t Come
by: Staci Hudson

What happens to our attitude towards Jesus when we are in physical pain? How can we stop
the hardening of our hearts when we don’t get the healing we so desperately pray for? I’ve had
inflammatory bowel disease for six years. I was told to stop drinking caffeine, quit eating wheat,
and try not to stress out. Finally, after a million and one hospital visits, a doctor looked at my
scans and decided I needed further testing. The end of 2017 was when I first realized all my
hospital visits, diet changes, and up and down flare up cycles were affecting me spiritually.
When years have passed and my condition worsens, how do I continue boldly claiming that God
IS good? Here are three ways that have helped me maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus
throughout my journey:

1. Being in Consistent Community
When our bodies are seemingly against us consistently, it makes us want to retreat from other
people and hide away in our pain. By involving myself in a community group of people of who
regularly pray and challenge me to listen to what God is saying, it dramatically transforms my

2. Actually Pray on a Daily Basis
How many times do we say that we should just pray about it, but go about our day and never
stop what we’re doing to have a conversation with God? When I take a step back from my busy
schedule and tell God where I am with everything, it transforms my heart. I’m not someone who
can pray in my head because I’m easily distracted, so every morning I write out my prayers in a
journal. I’ve been able to look back on the things I was praying for a year ago and see how God
worked and moved in different areas of my life. Prayer is effective in helping us understand
God’s heart for us. We just have to be willing to listen to what He has to say after we’re done

3. Remind Yourself of His Promises
When you have been praying for something specific and it doesn’t get answered, it’s easy to
think that God doesn’t care. How do we continue pressing into God in the times the weight we
carry feels the heaviest? I find joy and strength in reminding myself of what God has already
done and what He promises in His word. God never tells us that life is going to be easy and free
of pain. But He DOES promise that He will be with us through every trial and tribulation. I’m
someone that needs constant affirmation and reminding, so I tape bible verses to my bathroom
mirror and every morning I can look at what God promises me.

When healing doesn’t come and the pain doesn’t cease, remember that He is still there and He
is still good. Connect with a community group to help you push through the trials, set aside time
no matter how busy you are to talk to God and present your troubles to Him. Remind yourself of
all the times He has promised to never leave or forsake you.
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