I’m Too Busy To Volunteer

I’m Too Busy To Volunteer
By Sami Moss

Serving changes lives. It not only affects the lives of those we’re serving, but it changes us from the inside out, gives us a deeper appreciation for what we have and sharpens our leadership skills.  

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear from Jon, one of our volunteers who serves with 2nd graders.

Before Jon started as a 2nd grade small group leader, he thought the idea of a year-long commitment to serving was daunting.  “Do I really want to get into this?” “What if I’m not really good at it?” “I’m busy, I have a demanding job, the prep seems overwhelming” are all thoughts that swirled through his head when he was approached with the opportunity to serve.  But he took the leap of faith and trusted God would fill in the gap and provide the energy.

Now, almost a year later, Jon’s perspective on serving has completely changed.  Knowing that everything would be prepared behind the scenes made showing up to serve so easy.  While it did take about 4-5 weeks to get into the swing of things, he now knows exactly what to do and how to work with his small group of second grade boys.  His time with them every other month has developed relationships that are fun and rewarding.  Beyond that, Jon himself has grown as both a believer and a leader.  He’s been challenged by the smart, honest and innocent questions of his kids.  

Becoming fully engaged followers of Jesus happens when we actively follow Jesus’s example of serving selflessly and expectantly.

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey or where you’re looking to volunteer, these three steps will be valuable as you begin:

1. Take a spiritual gifts test and/or a personality test

You can access those easily online Spiritual Gifts Test or Personality Test and find out quickly where your gifts lie.

2. Find out the needs of the place where you want to serve

After you’ve taken the gifts test, ask around.  Where are there voids you can fill?  Once you have some options, dive deeper and find out where the need and your gifts overlap.  Then sign up to serve!

3. Be committed

When it comes to serving, it’s not about being the best.  It’s more about sticking to your commitments.  Decide from the get-go that you’ll stay true to your word and show up when you’re needed.

If you feel the call to serve, you can Sign Up!