3 Tips For Thriving During A Fast

3 Tips For Thriving During A Fast
by Roxi Bienhoff

As a church, we are five days into the 21 Day Fast. You may be experiencing frustration, headaches, hunger pains, cravings, fatigue, etc. You are not alone. We are doing this together as a church and are committed to helping you through the 21 Day Fast. Here are three ways that can help you get through not only week one, but the entire 21 Day Fast. We hope that you may experience the presence and power of God in an extraordinary way as you continue to seek Him first through this fast.

During your prayer time, make your goal to know Jesus more and experience Him. If you are new to praying, that’s ok. Start a plan today to talk to God like you would a trusted friend and let Him know exactly what your struggle is.

As with prayer, it’s good to set aside time every day to read scripture. If you haven’t already started using the Read Scripture App for our Bible in a Year project, you can download it today and start getting into scripture. If you are new to reading the bible, start with the Gospels, Acts, or Ephesians. Keep it simple. Reading a little every day is better than two hours at one time.

Depending on what you are fasting from, your body could be feeling the effects of it. Drink plenty of fluids, rest when you can, and focus on God’s goodness.

Remember, through this fast you are not giving up something good. Rather, you are gaining a focus on God. For more help, check out our Fasting and Prayer Guide.