How the Vision of RC3 Changed My Life
By Lisa Young

At Rivers Crossing Community Church, our vision is that we will be a community of ordinary people seeking extraordinary lives. This vision has changed my life, and it can change yours too!

My family and I came to RC3 in 2009, and immediately God opened my eyes to see a new perspective. I heard the Gospel with fresh ears and could hear the “good” in Good News. I was drawn to seek more.

Not long after coming to RC3, my husband and I felt led to sign up for Discipleship School. That year was marked by incredible transformation, and I learned that there are 3 key elements to making a true change.

Three Key Elements for True Change

  1. Healing

Often, the enemy plants lies in our heart, and when we believe these lies, our heart becomes wounded. These wounds harden our heart and we cannot see God as He truly is—a loving, kind Father.

During the year in Discipleship School, God unpacked my heart, separated the chaff from the wheat, and began harvesting my soul for the Kingdom of God. He revealed lies I had believed that were preventing me from realizing and becoming the person He created me to be. He healed and softened my heart, and as a result, I matured exponentially.

  1. Identification

Once we begin to see the Father as He truly is, we can then see ourselves more clearly. Jesus died and rose to give us new life, and that life is an extraordinary one! We experience a rich and full life as we believe we are who God says we are.

Contrary to what I had learned in this world, God was whispering things about my identity that was blowing up my religious box. As I humbled myself and surrendered to His Word, I could hear God calling me into action.

  1. A Call to Action

When Jesus calls us by name, our name indicates purpose. When we realize who God made us to be, we begin to understand why He created us and the role He invites us to fulfill in His Kingdom. It is through this understanding that we are compelled into action.

I knew I couldn’t be silent about this incredible transformation I experienced. I had to tell others about the opportunity for new life in Christ, so I wrote a book! I published the book to share what extraordinary life looks like in everyday living and to inspire others to seek their own abundant life in Christ.


This invitation for true change is available to all who believe, including you! Through healing, identification, and a call to action, God can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Join me in a commitment to make a true change.


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