Real Men Make Quiche

Real Men Make Quiche
by Jeff Sharp

You’ve probably heard the saying “real men don’t eat quiche”. Now I happen to like a good piece of quiche. Maybe I don’t like it quite as much as a smoked piece of brisket with spicy BBQ sauce, but it’s hard to go wrong with eggs, bacon and cheese stuffed into a flakey crust.

The truth is I’m not so concerned with who eats quiche. However, I do want to propose the idea that “real men make quiche”. Sure this is tongue and cheek, but I am serious about the idea that real men–godly husbands and fathers– get their hands dirty and serve their families. And that it might not be as hard as you think it will be.

3 Ways Men Can Serve Their Families

Serve Practically: Simply put, be helpful. It’s easy to sit back and let your wife do most of the chores around the house. Don’t let this happen. Cook a meal, run to the grocery store, clean the bathrooms. Don’t be a husband that creates more work; be a husband that reduces the work.

Serve Relationally: Be present. When you clock out at work, it’s time to clock in at home. Ever wonder why your kids spend so much time on their phones? Maybe it’s because you aren’t engaging them enough. Men: play house until you’re ready to strangle a baby doll, throw footballs until your shoulder snaps and talk with your teenager until your head explodes. The couch can wait, but your kids can’t.

Serve Godly: Be the spiritual leader in your home. If God is the number one priority in your life, He’ll likely be the number one priority in your family’s life. Be the one who gets them to church, leads them in prayer and makes everyday life a learning experience. Be a godly servant leader and you will have a family that follows you.

3 Reasons Why Men Should Serve Their Families

It Values Them: Serving has a unique way of telling people that they are valuable to us. Regardless of your current feelings, your family is a gift that God has given you. Give them a reason to believe this.

Little Eyes are Watching: Your children see everything you do and even with hormone surges, kids aren’t stupid. If our kids don’t see us ever making a bed, they likely won’t ever make a bed. Let your kids learn from you what it means to serve their future families.

Life Will be Better: When we serve our families well, it’s easier for them to serve us. It produces the kind of serving that is not from obligation or duty, but from love. If you want your family to appreciate your more, then start serving them more.

Maybe this seems a little touchy-feely for you. Know this: the greatest and toughest man of all time lived this way. I’m speaking of Jesus of course, and yes, I said toughest. If you’re reading this and have been whipped 39 times, had thorns shoved in your skull, nails driven through your hands and have defeated death, then we can talk.   If not, let’s agree that Jesus was a tough and manly dude. And when it came to serving, He summed up his philosophy well by saying, “I came not to be served, but to serve” and “whoever wants to become great must become your servant”.

Fellas, let’s stop thinking about how we can be served and start thinking more about how we can serve. Let’s be great husbands and great fathers as we serve our families well.   Remember, real men may not eat quiche, but they certainly make it.