Nobody Likes Waiting
By: Larry Reese

In the fast pace world we live in, seldom does anyone want to hear the word “wait.”  We practically cringe when we have to wait five minutes for anything; however, this kind of impatience doesn’t work when it comes to knowing and growing in our relationship with our heavenly Father.  In truth, waiting is really part of how we get to know our Father intimately, and while we are getting to know our Father intimately, we also develop patience.  It can also be said that we oftentimes believe that God is being unfair, and sadly, may even be keeping something from us because He requires us to wait.  In truth, waiting on God has a lot to do with our attitude while we are waiting, rather than simply waiting on something that we would like for our heavenly Father to do for us.

As we grow to know God better and begin to recognize Him, we also begin to understand that Father has called us to walk and work alongside Him, and this process is not inborn into us, it is born again into us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.  Many Christians who have learned the value of waiting on God will always find power to live victorious lives in our culture, where most everything demands a rush.  We must understand that our Father is well aware of deadlines, so I am not promoting laziness or passivity in the Christian walk; rather, I am saying that we can get everything done that we need to get done and find rest as we do it, as we learn the way that God does things.  When we become familiar with the way that our heavenly Father does things, we begin to have inner peace which is followed by increasing and developing rest.  This enables us not only to wait on God, but provides the power of Christ so that we can wait and have victory in the areas of our lives that often require us to wait—no matter how much technology we may have at our disposal.

Psalm 37:7 says: “…..Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him….”  Psalm 40:1 says: “…..I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.”  It can be said that promotion comes from waiting on God and increased wisdom and insight into the nature and character of God.  It is in waiting on God that we begin to see that His plans for us will come to pass. If we have confidence in Him, and this confidence continues to grow, anchoring our hope and trust in Father for all things as we see more clearly that waiting on God isn’t about watching the clock tick the hours past, while we wait impatiently on something that might not happen.  Waiting on God the right way is knowing that He has plans for us that will fully develop, and will be seen and enjoyed as we wait on Him alone for the final outcome.