Holy Fit

Holy Fit
By James Bailey

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” Romans 12:1 ESV

In January of 2016, my wife and I decided to do a 24-day weight loss challenge. The night before the challenge we needed to weigh in. At this point, I couldn’t remember the last time I had stepped onto a scale. When I approached the scale, I remember predicting a high number in hopes the number on the scale would be lower. I was in shock when the number was 25lbs over the weight I predicted. The shock only escalated when I calculated my BMI and it turned out that I was classified Obese (Class 1). I remember thinking to myself, “What happened?… When did I let myself go?”

I wasn’t honoring the body God gave me. I was putting myself at risk for serious illness and didn’t even know it. If we don’t take time to exercise or monitor what we eat our physical health will suffer. The same goes for our spiritual health. If we’re not intentional about strengthening our spiritual growth, it will suffer as well. If you don’t make your spiritual fitness a priority one day you’ll find yourself asking, “What happened?… When did I let myself go?”

Spiritual and Physical health takes sacrifice. Here are a few tips to make the journey easier…

1. Set realistic goals. It’s easy to set audacious goals, but if they’re not realistic you’re setting yourself up for failure. Is one of your goals to read the bible more consistently? If so, purchase the RC3 Journal. It will guide you through a realistic goal to be in the Word everyday.

2. Establish a support system. The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have accountability with a person, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

3. Perseverance. You are going to have ups and downs on your journey. Stay focused and stick with it. Anything worth investing in will come with challenges.