Creating Memories This Holiday Season

Creating Memories This Holiday Season
By Andrea Goslee

Recently, my husband asked me this question, “What are your top 3 favorite memories?” As I shared my favorite memories, I realized each one of them was related to a time when we were spending quality time together as a family. None of them had to do with big presents, job promotions, or even time spent with friends. All of my favorite memories were experiences that our family shared together.

The question to ask yourself as you head into the holiday season is, “What lasting memories do you want to create with your family?” How can you give the gift of presence instead of presents? In order to do this, you will have to be intentional.

Here are three thoughts about intentionally creating lasting memories together:

1) REMEMBER THE GOAL. Remember that the end goal of the activity or event is to create a memory, not make the perfect craft or shape the picture perfect experience. Things aren’t always going to go as planned. Go with the flow and live in the moment. If you allow yourself the freedom to laugh and have fun when something goes wrong, chances are the rest of your family will, too. Sometimes those moments make the best memories!

2) LAUGH – a lot. Laughter is contagious. Find ways to make fun memories and find ways to laugh together, even if it is about something silly. Laugh and remember that you can have joy in the little things that happen.

3) BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT. Put down the phone, the IPad, and the camera. Be present in the moment instead of trying to capture the picture-perfect moment for social media. Enjoy and be a part of what’s happening instead of watching half of it through the camera lens. Make others feel as if they are the most important thing to you by listening and having genuine conversations. It might even be helpful to think through some conversation starters in advance.

Presence is a gift that Jesus gave to the people He encountered. He spent quality time with his disciples, teaching them and sharing experiences with them. During the Last Supper, He broke bread with his disciples in His final hours here on earth. He shared an intimate moment with them and created a memory that holds eternal value for each of us. Jesus is the ultimate example of how to be in the moment and share experiences together.

So, this holiday season, be intentionally present with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Put down the camera and enjoy the people in your family. You can even buy a present that will allow you to be present, and then enjoy the time together. Now, go create some memories!