Where does Rivers Crossing get its money?
Our support comes from people who tithe (giving back to God 10% of earnings) and from the free-willed offerings of attendees. It is normal for anyone that calls Rivers Crossing “home” to support the church financially. We do not have a few individuals funding everything, without everyone contributing, Rivers Crossing doesn’t happen.

Which funds can I contribute to?
You are able to make online contributions to the general operating fund of Rivers Crossing Community Church.  Should you have a desire to make a contribution in excess of your normal giving to a specific fund such as Joshua’s Place, please contact Tracy Goddard 513-204-3512 or tgoddard@riverscrossing.com.

How is my information secure?
When you are entering and sending online giving information you are using secure servers.  All of your information is encrypted prior to being transferred.  There is no stronger form of protection than encryption and by doing this, we eliminate the possibility that someone might “tap” the line and extract your personal data from it.  You should also know that no staff at Rivers Crossing Community Church will have access to your account numbers.

How can I change or stop my giving amount?
Before you can give online, you will be required to set-up an account.  You will have the ability to log into this account at anytime and make the necessary changes. You can also contact Tracy Goddard 513-204-3512 or tgoddard@riverscrossing.com if you need help making changes to your account.

“Since my wife and I have taken the “ Tithe Challenge” we have seen God work in incredible ways. I have been blessed with a new job, which included a slight increase in salary. My wife and I have always contributed a portion of our income in the past, but we were inconsistent and gave according to what we had available. After getting into the habit of giving consistently and seeing the joy it brings, I can’t imagine ever stopping.”


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