VolunTOUR is the starting point for becoming a part of a ministry team at Rivers Crossing.  Through VolunTOUR, you’ll better understand how engaging serving is a vital part of becoming a fully engaged follower of Jesus.  You’ll also hear about the ministry teams at Rivers Crossing and how they all function together to help us live out our mission and vision as a church.  During this one hour class, you’ll get a tour of the RC3 Campus and see many ministry teams “in action”.  Through VolunTOUR you’ll get an opportunity to sign up to serve for a ministry team that best fits your availability, interests, and giftedness.  

If you’re interested in serving at Rivers Crossing, VolunTOUR is for you! Through this event you’ll get a behinds the scenes look at some of our ministry teams in action, hear more about the heartbeat behind volunteering, and find out how to get connected through serving.

VolunTOUR Events are the second Sunday of each month during the 10:30 AM service. Register below for the next upcoming VolunTOUR!

Attend a VolunTOUR!


Keep the building and grounds of our House looking great and feeling like home.

Volunteers spend one Thursday night each month vacuuming, surface cleaning, window washing and removing trash to keep our House looking clean, beautiful and distraction free.

Volunteers work on special projects such as lighting, plumbing and building to help improve our House.

Volunteers work to create an incredible first impression by planting, weeding and trimming along the outside of our House.

Volunteers touch up areas throughout our House to keep the paint and trim fresh.


Guest Services Team

Make everyone who walks through our doors feel valued, loved and welcomed.

Volunteers seat guests in the auditorium during the Sunday morning worship experience.

Volunteers welcome guests throughout the lobby and assist with connection cards and First Time Guest gifts.

Volunteers make and serve coffee, serve at the Nitro Bar and make sure the soda fountains are always stocked.

Volunteers help manage the flow of traffic in the parking lot and greet guests as they drive onto our property.

Volunteers pray with people following each service in the prayer room.


River Kids

Partner with parents to help kids become fully engaged followers of Christ

Volunteers serve on the front lines of a Sunday morning welcoming kids and families to River Kids or work behind the scenes during the week to design sets and prepare supplies.

Volunteers act, sing, dance, run tech and tell the Bible story during River Kids’ Large Group experience.

Volunteers build relationships, lead games and encourage authentic faith within their small group of kids.


Worship Arts

Create an environment for non-believers, new believers and fully engaged followers to experience Jesus each week.

Volunteers run cameras, computers, sound and lights to take our Sunday morning worship experiences to the next level.

Volunteers audition to be part of the Sunday morning worship band.



Lead junior high, high school and college students toward becoming fully engaged followers of Christ.

Volunteers welcome students, plan events behind the scenes and offer support to group leaders.

Volunteers create an engaging experience for junior high and high school students through leading worship on stage and running tech.

Volunteers lead a small group of students by building authentic relationships that encourage them in their faith.


Creative Arts

Create and share stories of the extraordinary life through creativity.

Volunteers plan, design, build and implement new stage sets throughout the year.

Volunteers capture life around Rivers Crossing for use in print and on social media and the website.

Volunteers brainstorm and collaborate with a team to develop design solutions from concept to completion.

Volunteers oversee maintenance on riverscrossing.com and mobile apps.

Volunteers manage the technical aspect of film including cameras, sound, lighting and editing.