By: Rob Goddard

Change. Think about that one word. What feelings does it evoke for you? Right now, I’m experiencing a lot of change. I’ll be getting a new hire assigned to my office within the coming months- the angst wells up in me wandering who will it be? My 15-year-old daughter is itching to get behind the wheel and get familiar with the car before she gets her driving temps. Oh, and did I mention that same daughter has just begun to date? Don’t get me started on the daily surprises that come with being the owner of an over 40 body.


Change can be unnerving. So many unknown possibilities that lurk ahead, many of which are out of our control. How do you handle change? Here are some strategies I’m learning through this season of change.


  1. You don’t know the future, but God does. Trust Him through the changes. I’m completely convinced if I didn’t have a relationship with God I wouldn’t be able to make it through one day to the next. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, forever. When the change all around you becomes overwhelming it’s awesome to know we can cling to the One who never changes!


  1. Remember The One who brought you to it, can bring you through it! Your current circumstances didn’t happen in a vacuum. The same God that you praised when everything was seemingly going smoothly is the same one who is carrying you through the winds of change. Don’t get caught in the trap of blaming Him, but rather embrace His love for you.


  1. Practice gratitude. I admit I can get tunnel vision when going through change. By practicing gratitude (make a list if necessary) it keeps my thinking more balanced and helps me to see the grace of God actively working in my life.


These are just a couple of things that I have found are working well for me. If you find yourself going through a season of change give them a try. Or if you’ve found some other strategies that work feel free to share them.