So Busy, I Robbed God

So Busy, I Robbed God
By Tracy Goddard

Have you ever been looking for your sunglasses only to find they were on top of your head? Or have you ever been frantically searching for
your phone only to realize you were talking on it? Our lives can be so busy, so fast paced that we miss what’s right in front of us.

It was January, several years ago and I needed to make some adjustments to my automated giving schedule so I logged into my online giving account and paused the schedule until my husband and I could make some tweaks to our budget. Fast forward several months later when I was looking at our bank account and wondered why I couldn’t find an amount coming out of our bank for our tithe. I searched through several months’ worth of banking and didn’t find any transactions for our monthly tithe. To my shock and dismay when I logged into my online giving account I realized I had never gone back in and made the adjustments to our giving and the schedule continued to be paused. I was embarrassed that I could be so remiss about something my husband and I hold so important. I also wondered how I could go for so long and not notice that our giving had not come out of our checking account. I sought God for repentance, I felt terrible, I had been robbing God!

In my repentance and time spent with God, he revealed something very important to me, something so profound and not at all what I expected. I had allowed the enemy to distract me with the busyness of my life. I could not understand how this had escaped my attention even one month let alone several and God showed me that I had allowed the enemy to blind me from noticing. And why does satan care, not because we were robbing God, but because it was keeping our family from experiencing God’s best. When I took this to God, He wanted me to see and understand that when satan is able to distract us from being obedient to Him then it robs us from God’s blessings for our lives. Ultimately God was not hurt by my error, our family was.

We got our giving back on track, but more importantly I realized that I couldn’t be so busy that I loose sight of the details. That’s when satan can get a foothold into our lives and slowly, but surely wreak havoc.

So how can we guard ourselves against losing sight of what’s important?

1. Pray I began to pray each morning, “Holy Spirit, help me to have my eyes wide open today. To see the obvious before me and to not be blinded by satan’s crafty schemes. To understand that you love me no matter what and that you desire what is best for us. ” Seeking the Lord daily and being on guard is the key to the blessed life.

2. Plan Another step we took to ensure we were not blinded by the enemy, we began using Dave Ramsey’s free & simple budget app, which gave my husband and I both immediate access to our budget to keep us more aware of and on top of our money.

3. Process Finally, my husband and I made a commitment to set aside time to have a weekly marriage meeting where we would discuss our financial situation as well as other things to make sure we were on the same page and working as a team towards God’s best for our lives.