Local Missions

We don’t have to look outside our community, our neighborhood or even our own household to find people we can serve. Local missions begins when Christ followers take a meal to a sick friend, baby sit for a single mom, tutor a fatherless child or stand by an addicted relative. Thats why in 2008 we opened the doors to Joshua’s Place to help break the negative cycle of generational poverty in our community. Today we impact over 1,000 lives through the work of 250 volunteers.

Joshua’s Place

Global Missions

Serving outside our borders has a way of taking us out of our comfort zone and a step closer to fulfilling our call to go and make disciples of all nations. Since 2009, we have been making trips to La Limonada in Guatemala City to serve the least, the last and the lost.  Through our partnership with Lemonade International, we are currently sponsoring 120 children and teachers from La Limonada, as well as Pastor Shorty as he continues to plant churches in the darkest of places.